Friday, August 10, 2007

Oud Amsterdam

Yesterday Kasia and I took a trip to Amsterdam to get some business taken care of at the Consulate. In true airhead fashion, of course, I hadn't bothered to check the Citizen Service Hours before heading up, so by the time we arrived it was too late to get anything productive done. Instead we decided to spend the afternoon walking around and exploring the city a bit. We started at Museumplein and made our way randomly through Oud Zuid and the Jordaan, ending up at the train station sometime in the early evening. We stopped along the way for a drink or two and a bowl of heavenly tomato soup at a café that I'm sure neither of us would ever be able to find again. That's usually how it works, isn't it?

No matter how many times I visit Amsterdam, the city always seems to withhold a certain element of mystery. It is truly a place where candid moments and fascinating spectacles transpire on every street corner, where life seems to unfold on a time schedule all it's own, and where there is no better way to spend an afternoon than lost among the maze of endless cobblestoned streets and silently majestic canals.

Kasia outside Sarphati Park.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
09 August 2007

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