Friday, August 24, 2007

Entre Amigas

"I´m in love with a preppy boy from my class. He has gorgeous green eyes and a lovely tan (like me, muahahaha). Only problem is, I saw him at the meeting of el Partido Popular we went to last friday, which means he´s a filthy conservative hijo de puta. Oh, and he wears pink shirts. And everyone knows that men and pink shirts don´t mix.

But you know what? Love conquers all. I´m sure we can work through these tiny obstacles. We shall not be swayed by the challenges that strike fear in the eyes of normal men, nor shall we let the flame of our love be extinguished by the social pressures which drive the wedges of malice and disaccord between us! But rather, we shall use our passion and love as a tool to demonstrate to the world the possibilities of unity and harmony in a time of misplaced allegiance and chaos! Yes we, the postmodernist Romeo and Juliet, the preppy pink shirt-wearing Spaniard and the leftist liberal Hawaiian surfer girl, we shall be the ones to lead the way into a new era of forged connections, forgotten past wrongs and, above all, a burning and unmistakeable love that will change the world as we know it forevermore!

God, I'm insane. This library is tweaking me out."

- Excerpt from an email I sent Kasia this last semester.
I miss Spain.

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