Friday, February 22, 2008

Girls, Queens & Very Strange Dreams

What a strange past couple of hours. Yesterday I met up with Kasia and Gerald in the city to properly celebrate Kasia's birthday. We quickly grabbed some kibbeling (battered fried fish) and then headed to the cinema to watch Love In The Time of Cholera. Having read the book years ago, I was really looking forward to it, but was extremely disappointed by the bad casting/acting/makeup. Great cinematography and soundtrack, though. Go Shakira!

After the movie, we headed to the station and caught the train to Amsterdam. We met Wilco at the Dam Square and headed toward the Leidseplein, where we spent a few hours having drinks and chatting away at De Balie. As to be expected on such a quintessential Queens & Girls night out, the conversation quickly turned to sex and we spent a majority of our time there swapping silly stories and information about our personal preferences. After my second drink, the conversation was getting me all hot and bothered, so I whipped out my mobile and, with the help of the boys (who are experts in the field), composed an absolutely filthy text message to G. We sent it off and all waited excitedly for his response, ordering another round of drinks and continuing with our raunchy banter, which solicited strange looks from the people around us. After a few more rounds and a lot of good laughs, we headed off to grab a bite to eat and catch the tram back to the station. Our endless chatter and giggling was interrupted only by the much-anticipated (yet distinctly tame) response to the text I'd sent earlier, and a phone call from G to see what we were up to.

Once safely in the train, we snuggled into our seats and quieted down a bit, the food in our tummies lessening the effects of the alcohol in our systems. We exchanged silly faces and a few more stories until we reached Leiden, where we said goodbye to Wilco and continued on to The Hague. I was looking forward to cup of tea and a good night's sleep when I arrived home, but ended up having a wild and extremely vivid dream about a plane crash and frantic trek through the wilderness to escape from mystery soldiers speaking in a strange and unrecognizable language.

Normally speaking, I'm never able to wake up and then fall back to sleep and resume the same dream I was having, but this morning I was. I hit my snooze button twice and, both times, found myself right back in the same scene. The dream seemed to go on forever and ended with me opening my eyes and clenching my fist so tightly that it felt as though it hadn't been a dream at all. With the entire sequence of events still fresh in mind, I immediately began writing it all down. They say that dreams have a deeper significance, that they can reveal unconscious thoughts or even events which have not yet taken place. I don't know how much I believe that, but this one certainly left me with a feeling that I wanted to hold on to for as long as I could.

It's late now and I have to get ready for work. I'll try to write more when I get home. Naturally, there's still much more to tell and not enough time to do so. Story of my life.

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