Sunday, October 03, 2010

Tag der Einheit

When a political party loses half of its seats in a parliamentary election, another handful in opinion polls in the months following, then almost a third of the support of its own members for a morally deplorable agreement that will keep them only clutching at the straws of power, perhaps it's time to sit a round out to rethink, regroup and revise.

Is this the superior western democracy that we're forsaking our integrity, our ethical cognizance and our personal freedom to protect from some ambiguous and misconstrued threat? And are we truly willing to give all that up for the mere illusion of security? Do we really want to live in a society that is characterized by fear, rooted in dissociation and further polarized by the insatiable political aspirations of those that are supposed to unite us?

All eyes are on Berlin today, where the Wall came tumbling down twenty years ago. Yet here we are, starting down the same path that led to its construction in the first place. And apparently any lesson that this dark chapter in history might have had to offer has been lost on us. Wir sind ein Volk sagen sie dann. Immer und ewig.

Ja. Natuurlijk.

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  1. JOEY! girlfriend, I have been trying to find you for an entire day! I lost you after i deleted myspace...and was unsure of how to find you. so I had to dig through my livejournal...and then dig on google. and here I am! add me on facebook if you are on there chica. I miss talking to you so !